11 December 2009

These lights are sacred

"These lights are sacred... we can only look at them" Unlike the Shabbat candles, the lights of Chanukah may not be used for personal pleasure.

For although our perception may be blunted, we were, and essentially we are masters of vision. Indeed, the Chanukah lights are placed in the window as a beacon telling all passers-by that darkness can be dispelled with wisdom, that darkness can be illuminated with the truth. At the same time that Chanukah celebrates the past, also celebrates the present and future.

For though Chanukah celebrates the miracle of a single amphora of olive oil burning for eight days, also imbues the world with the hope of redemption, when the light will triumph over negativity. That is all past and future, and as during the 36 hours of the beginning of mankind, "there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry". For goodness be total, and all delicacies will be as common as dust.

The occupation of the world be known only to G-d.

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the ocean floor" (Maimonides).


Kata said...

Have Roder yours husband?If your wanded the read and know my husband he name is Jani.
He have here two blogs:flyin finn and Blue and white.You are lovely new friend,thank,i thank God you!

Good sleep!

Kata said...

Adelle,hello darling,

Nice to heard.You and your husband both very friendly.I showed my loveling husband Jani
your blogs soon.He come comment someting.
Iam speaking you him much at you are nice and
i like to know you.


Carlos Gesmundo said...

Hi Adelle. I liked this post about Chanukah lights. The words are timely for the holiday season ... We need the truth and we need wisdom -- to dispel the darkness of hunger and war, of jealousy and rivalry.

Shalom, good friend.

Jani said...

Hello,nice to "meet" you.My dear wife Kata(katariina)is tell you to me.
Very interesting reading Jews party Hanukkah.
Iam visit there,but it was times.

This is my 2 blogs:

flyinfFinn and BLUE AND WHITE.
This my profile pics get theys.


God bless you and your husband!


Kata said...

Hello again Adelle,

You Adelle are so beautifull internally and externally.We have lucky or i say God introduction the meet you and your husband!
Nice the know at they live in Prazilia.
My husband tell me.How long you are live there?
Do you miss in Israel?

I wish to you God loves today!

Kata said...

Adelle,i`m thankfull you and Reuben.

I understand you.Then i love i moved this Vantaa.That not anything almous 2 hour drive my parens home...you changed just to another country Israel Brazil.You is difficuld,i think, there sometimes.

It was true love!You get married soon.
I meet my husband june 2003 and one year
we are married.

Mans picked(laugh)we us new home.And you man picked you very long.

Good at you sometimes traveling your country.And soon your baby born!=O)
It is so lovely!!

Nice to be friends with you,keep touhg.