17 October 2009

Produtos da Fórmula 1 em prol da Rocinha*

F1 lovers can not lose. Before Felipe Massa (pictured) to the checkered flag for the Brazil GP at Interlagos, he autographed sneakers from Puma Ferrari collection, customized by famous designers, tomorrow at the Shopping Mall. The sale of sporting goods will go to the Copa Roca, ong of seamstresses of Rocinha slum in Rio Mario Queiroz, Adriana Barra and Geová Roberts, fashion designer who has Parana studio in New York, among others, have the personal touch and also the T-shirts other objects related to F1. Hussein Mourad, owner of the store MiCasa, for example, came up with a helmet covered with shirts. The best soccer player in the world, Martha, also gave its contribution customizing an item. All objects will be on sale from Friday at the site social gap.
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