17 July 2011

All men are equal

The love always win
In the vast literature has a truth:
All men are equal.

Those of us who read Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Tolstoy and other great novelists, understand each other and we feel as individuals of the same species because in the works of these writers we learn that as human beings, regardless of social position, geographical, financial situation or historical period, we really equal in emotions, needs and aspirations in the fight for survival.

Nothing better protects us from the stupidity of the prejudice, racism, xenophobia, religious or political sectarianism this truth that always arises in the vast literature: All men are equal.

Nothing can teach us better than good novels to see the ethnic and cultural richness of the human legacy and multifaceted manifestation of human creativity and love.

by Mario Vargas Llosa*


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