30 September 2009

Unibes: human solidarity since 1915

For Judaism, poverty is not inevitable.
The Jewish religion is concerned with the injustice since its inception.
We are delivering just what we do.
This is the fold of Judaism, is preaching the Torah

Unibes: Brazilian-Israeli Union of Social Welfare

Although officially founded only in 1976, one can say that the Brazilian-Jewish Welfare Social (Unibes) emerged from 1915 with the creation of the Beneficent Society of the Israelite Ladies Benevolent Society and the Friends of the Poor Ezra the first Jewish charities in Sao Paulo, which provided support for the Jewish immigrants who came from Europe to settle in Brazil.

In addition to these two institutions, which is known today as Unibes is also the union of other organizations such as Pro-Immigrants Society, Policlinic Linath Hatzedek, Home of the Child Checkers Israelis to Drop Milk of B'nai B 'rith and Jewish Women's Organization for Social Welfare (OFID). The Unibes is in some ways, the continuity of the two agencies, each with its specific mission, as the book says "Unibes 85 years. A history of social work in the Jewish community in Sao Paulo," compiled by Roney Cytrynowicz.

Practice wide

With the passage of time, Unibes is increasingly integrated into the local reality and expanded its social activities beyond the Jewish community, promoting global services to children and adults. However, the 60 thousand Jews Paulo never ceased to be the major focus of Unibes. "Our main concern today is to care for our impoverished Jews, the 'new poor'. And that is where our social service concentrates most of its forces," says Dora Lucia Brenner, the active campaigner and president of the institution.

The Unibes operates in several segments. In the area of Children and Adolescents, an estimated 1.1 million children between 2 and 17 years, with food, recreation and complementary education programs through the Nursery Betty Lafer, Young People Area and the Professional Courses. In another action arm, the Department of Social Services assists the approximately 1.6 billion poor families in the community through psycho-social orientation, guidance and technical assistance, financial and social advancement.

Unibes The projects also include the elderly, people with mental and physical disability, left out of the labor market, as well as services such that the Charity Bazaar, a Private Pharmacy, Healthcare, family assistance, health insurance, Holiday Home, Therapy Family, Program Committee, Shalom Program, Program Or, Labor Program, Pensionato Housed and more.

"In this difficult period of community life, with the apparent impoverishment of the middle class, the performance of Unibes has proved crucial to the rescue of our supporters, giving them the support necessary for recovery and maintaining a Jewish life of dignity", says Jayme Blay, president of the Jewish Federation of the State of São Paulo (Fisesp). "And volunteering at this difficult mission, occupies a prominent place. Dedication and efficiency that make up the binomial allows Unibes perform its task in an exemplary way. And all within the noblest Jewish spirit, which is to give a hand to those in need ! Completes.

According to the site www.filantropia.com.br the Unibes is the third party in Brazil on "Family Care", the 35th state of Sao Paulo and 63 th among the 400 largest in Brazil. No wonder that the body builds up several awards, including the Very Efficient Prize - Kanitz & Associados, the Community Partnership Award, Project Workshops Socializing Sports - Unicef, the Vitae Foundation, the Human Rights Prize of the Ministry of Justice and others.

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